Thursday, March 03, 2011

Acceptance of loss

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We are blessed with our beautiful Rachel, will always be thankful for her blessing in our lives. But we still live with "loss of birth control".

We suffered our 4th miscarriage in 2007 and decided then that we would actively stop trying for a sibling for Rachel. It is easy to say but took me 2 years to really cone to terms with, and even now there are days when that is challenging to accept.

I have fertility issues.
I carried babies who died inside me.
I am a mum to one beautiful girl who cuddled and kisses me.
I am a mum to 4 angels in heaven.
I suffered and suffer with loss of birth control.

But you know what; it makes motherhood all the sweeter!

I am now a telephone contact for The Miscarriage Assiciation.
I organise annual remembrance services for babies lost before or shortly after birth.
I blog about these very real issues regularly at
If you or someone you know would like some support on miscarriage then please point them to my blog or to The Miscarriage Association.

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