Friday, May 13, 2005

Beanette - 1st Trimester

22nd December 2004 - positive pregnancy test!
It was faint but it was definitely there and Mike and I were shocked and elated, after all we had no hope for the cycle. I went into testing overload and within 2 days had done 7 tests, all of which were getting progressively darker.

Seeing as how we were seeing both sets of parents over the Christmas period we decided to tell them in person rather than over the phone. So we told my parents on Christmas Day; they were shocked, they didn't expect it, and they were worried for me but we convinced them that they should be positive because this was the only way to get through the coming months. We then told Mike's parents when we were with them a couple of days later and they were over the moon for us and excited for the future.

In between Christmas and New Year we managed to get our blood tests done for the clinic and they showed low HCG numbers again but they were doubling nicely going from 26 to 213 in just 5 days. They decided that there was a risk of an ectopic pregnancy so they arranged for us to have a scan at 5 weeks which dispelled the myths and showed a beany measuring spot on for dates.

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We had a follow up scan at 6 weeks to check the heart and we were elated to see a tiny heart beating away, wow how Beany had grown. There wasn't an automatic counter but the technician thought that the heartrate was about 150bpm - fabulous. She measured the CRL as 7.5mm - bang on course so we were over the moon in every respect. I thought I might cry but instead just got this stupid grin on my face which remained there all day.

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So there we were pregnant again and this time with a heartbeat and enough faith to carry us through the next 9 months. A week after the scan the morning sickness started, well hey it's par for the course and not something I was going to complain about, but it does get you down when there is nothing you can keep down and going anywhere becomes an exercise of knowing where every possible bathroom might be. At the start I managed to get by with the little known cure of sniffing lemons - it sounds strange and looks stranger but worked for the first few weeks. After that I travelled everywhere with cream crackers and a change of clothes, what a fab picture I must have been. And further on still the miracle of acupuncture worked wonders again as it could keep the sickness away for at least a day at a time.

Apart from that the 1st trimester passed by with a lot of stress but equal amounts of happiness. We couldn't really believe this was happening but the scan at 9 weeks helped, look at the changes in just 3 weeks.

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At 12 weeks precisely the morning sickness stopped which was a massive relief but also a slight cause for concern - what if this meant something was wrong? But our fears were again put aside as we got through the 12 week nuchal translucency scan with a very clean bill of health and a beautiful picture of our Beany.

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