Friday, May 13, 2005

Beanette - 2nd Trimester

I can't believe that we have made it to the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy, this never seemed possible through all the years of TTC and especially after loosing Kendi, but here I am at 24 weeks and I think it's time to believe that we will be meeting Beanette in a few short months time.

I am still be plagued by morning sickness and trying not to complain but finding it hard. It seems to be related to indigestion more than traditional morning sickness and I am sure it is the reflux that those poor babies with colic suffer with - boy do I feel their pain! It seems as if Mother Nature is closing the circle of life somehow and that keeps me staying positive.

We had the Level II ultrasound scan at 20 weeks and eventually we managed to get a determination that we are carrying a little Beanette, well with 80% confidence! I have to admit that I was convinced we had a little boy but I am over the moon that our litrle girl is healthy and will soon be coming out into the world to meet us.

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I still have moments, hours and even days of panic about whether the pregnancy is progressing OK but ever since I have been able to feel Beanette moving and kicking I manage to stay confident. The only fear I have is that I am failing her in some way, but perhaps that is motherhood for you and there is little that can be done to remove that insecurity.

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