Thursday, May 05, 2005

Some background

Mike and I met at University in Manchester in 1995 where we were both studying engineering. We were friends for many months before our friends arranged our first date for us on Valentines Day 1996 and the rest is history. We were married in April 1999 at the church in my parents village and celebrated at a nearby hotel before going to Thailand on a fantastic Honeymoon.

Married life seemed to suit us well and we managed to balance time with each other with our careers, friendships and extended family. To be honest we didn't think about starting a family; we were loving life, travelling whenever possible to the far flung corners of the globe and getting on well at work making sure that as many of our aspirations as possible were being achieved. But life is never as easy as it seems in your early twenties and one day my biological clock started ticking - well more like pounding!!

We talked about the family thing many times before we realised that the time was as right as it was ever going to be for us to start a family and at the beginning of 2002 we decided to finish birth control and start a family. To be honest we both thought that seeing as how everything else in our lives had been planned and achieved that having a baby would be the same; how could we have been so wrong?

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