Monday, May 16, 2005

Beanette - 3d Scan

I am feeling on top of the world because I hate to say it but I am expecting the most beautiful girl in the world!! I know, I'm biased, but honestly when I look at the pictures I have from the scans my heart just melts. I mean look at this lovely smiley profile shot
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And how about this one where she is blowing a bubble
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Or this face on view, I swear she was saying a special hi to her mum and dad.
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And that is nothing when we then look at the 3d images. I know it's hard to fully figure out what's going on, it took me a few hours of staring at the DVD so have patience! This first one it seems like she is saying that she's all done with the photos - look at her, trying to hide behind her arms (camera shy just like her mum!).
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And then there's this second one which captures her little character - what a beautiful little girl and she knows it.
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There are more pictures on Beanette's BabiesOnline Site if you want to see the whole hog.

I never really thought that this would happen and somehow it is still hard to believe but when I saw her on the 3d scan it hit me that she really is going to come home with us and take a place in the nursery we have put so much time and effort and love into. I hear friends talk about how the baby doesn't seem real through the pregnancy, but for me she is the centre of my life already and if it gets stronger than this then I will be literally bowled over.

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Lindy said...

Emma! I'm so glad to have discovered your blog! I've just started one of my own. Many congrats to you - I'm so very happy for you and your little girl! BTW - I had no idea you lived in Reading. I lived with my family in Berkshire (Cold Ash near Thatcham an then later Greenham Commons near Newbury) fo five years in the 80s!